The Sports Association of Ugandans in North America (SAUNA) believes Motherwell Sports Academy pupils and those within the Nakawa community will greatly get inspiration from the two English coaches, Steve Taylor and Sam White.

SAUNA is a non-profit charity organization that utilizes sports to promote healthy living/fitness, develop careers and strengthen cultural relations through various sports activities in communities in Uganda and North America.

On May 30 2024, SAUNA and Motherwell Schools have a long-term partnership.

The two institutions partnered to host former English Premier League defender Taylor.

“We as SAUNA are pleased to partner with Motherwell Schools to host Taylor. Our mission as SAUNA is to encourage youth to participate in sports as a career path. We believe Taylor’s visit will inspire many more pupils at the school and neighbouring communities to joing the sport,” SAUNA Marketing Director Fred Kaweesi stated.

SAUNA Finance Director Moses Kabugo and the Operations Director Laurian Lubulwa also attended the official visit at Motherwell Schools.

Taylor made over 200 Premier league appearances for Newcastle United and scored over 10 goals during his time at the club. He also represented England.

Steven Taylor signs a visitors book as the Motherwell Academy director Mark Kayongo looks on at the Motherwell Joyous Angels Nursery School, May 31, 2024. Photo by Michael Nsubuga

Taylor and Sam White came to Uganda not only to conduct a soccer clinic with the children of Motherwell schools but also to launch a partnership that will see the academy collaborate with them in many other aspects.

“We are happy to have received the two coaches. Their arrival is going to help the school and the country in many ways because it is inspiring to the young people. It also awakens them to the fact that they can enjoy dual careers and that they can also make it in life through their talent,”

Kayongo noted after the coaches visited both the nursery and primary sections of the school.

“These are icons who excelled through sports so getting them here and them talking to children helps in creating awareness and showing the children that they can also survive through their talents.

“We invited them to interact with our students and also the community of Nakawa and Kampala so that they can put across inspiring messages to them regarding the different options in life. With passion and commitment, they can make it in life.

“We have been encouraged as a school and we believe it is going to be a very big learning point for our community but also all the youth in the country,”

Kayongo stated.

He said they aim to produce holistic children with highly ‘potable skills’ so that they can be easily assimilated into society with multiple skills.

White said he is always amazed by the passion the Ugandans have for the game but also their love for the music, the arts, and hosting people.

“In previous trips here, the passion from the fans, their love for the English Premier League is amazing. I was lucky enough to grow in English football and it is great to give back and educate people about the highs and lows of football around the world and how big the game is in Europe,” White said.