A dream come true


Finally, it’s here!

The Sports Association of Ugandans in North America (SAUNA) has officially launched its operations in North America.

October 7, 2023 started as an ordinary date. But in the aftermath of all the activities that transpired that day, the date will for the years to come be remembered for all historic reasons.

“This is a historic day. I want to congratulate SAUNA for this achievement. I am convinced this association will change perceptions and the lives of many in the communities it will operate,” the Chief Guest Rev. Eddie Jjumba stated during the launch of the association at 1200 Lansdowne, Toronto, ON, M6H 3Z8.


The launch of the association’s activities marked the start of a new chapter in the lives of those who appreciate healthy living, the need to work out, network in a stress-free environment and ultimately break social and cultural barriers among the communities.

During the launch, SAUNA Director Godfrey Ssembeguya recounted the association’s journey into existence.

“This has been a process that has been built over the last three years. We believe this will bring together all sport loving fans in North America,” he stated.

SAUNA utilizes sports to promote healthy living/fitness, develop careers and strengthen cultural relations through various activities in communities in North America and Uganda.

On the eventful day, Toronto Cranes West battled Toronto Cranes East in a match that lived-up to its billing in commemoration of the launch of the association.

The Wise Men from the East edged their counterparts from the West 1-0 before being rewarded with a glittering trophy, and City Tyres T-shirts while the stand-out performers were recognized with balls.

In appreciation of their commitment and dedication to the event, all participants were offered certificates.

While speaking at the event, SAUNA director Fred Kaweesi emphasized the ambitions of the association.

“We are here to change perceptions and create opportunities for everyone in the communities of Canada. We believe everyone has the potential to be relevant in society and all that is required is a platform to allow those special skills come through,” Kaweesi stated.

“We plan to grow the SAUNA family over time through a variety of well-thought-out activities that will serve the interests of all communities and age brackets,” he added.

“We want to have Ugandans and Africans play a major role in major activities like the FIFA World Cup that will be happening here in 2026.”

Directors Laurian Lubuulwa and Moses Kabugo held one-on-one engagements with the over 100 guests at the function.

Rene Kwol, the President and Director of Canada First Academy attended the event.