Inspiring the next generation of stars


It’s a Tuesday afternoon –three days after launching the Sports Association of Ugandans in North America (SAUNA).

One of the several activities on the SAUNA launch trail were one-on-one engagements with the next generation of stars training with a number of academies in Toronto.

Our first stop was the Canada First Academy.

After a couple of grueling hours of working out, we get a chance to interact with a number of young players –many of whom would love to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

Then, there is Ibrahim, who has a full head of height on most of his contemporaries. Ibrahim is the most popular among the players. Those who don’t know his name, when they watch him from the sidelines, simply refer to him as “the big lad.”

Ibrahim hopes to be the world’s best defender in the years to come.


SAUNA director Fred Kaweesi spoke to kids from the academy to answer any questions they had about football.

Besides sharing insights of what SAUNA is all about and the opportunities it presents to communities, Kaweesi told the youngsters that if there is any advice he would share with them, it was to make the most of their time at the academy and learn all they can.

He also explained why their aim at the academy should be trying to become the best in everything they do at the academy.